Organic Nanostructures (NEO)

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Group presentation

Our research deals with the development of new molecular and supramolecular architectures at the nanometric scale with a particular focus on molecular design & engineering, nanostructuration of organic compounds, photonics and catalysis.

Research activity

Projects: European, International, ANR, Labex, Regional, Industrial

Techniques and Instruments

Main Collaborations

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Group members (link to personal pages)

Dr Dario Bassani, Director of research (CNRS)
Dr Brigitte Bibal, Assistant Professor
Mrs Clotilde Davies, Technical Team
Dr André Del Guerzo, Professor
Dr Jean-Pierre Desvergne, Director of research (CNRS)
Mrs Pascale Godard, Technical Team
Mr Damien Jardel, Technical Team
Dr Dominique Lastécouères, Assistant Professor
Dr Nathan McClenaghan, Director of research (CNRS)
Prof. Jean-Luc Pozzo, Professor
Mr Guillaume Raffy, Technical Team
Dr Jean-Marc Vincent, Director of research (CNRS)

Students, Postdocs and Visitors

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Address & contact number

Address : ISM, Building A12, 1st floor EAST
Email :

Group Publications

Under construction This list will not be updated. Please refer to one of the five sub-sections of the ’Research Activity’ to find representative publications. An extended list of the group member’s publications can be found in the personal pages. You can also find the publications by clicking (...)

Special Issue of PPS and Scientific Day in honor of Jean-Pierre Desvergne

Special Issue of the Journal Photochemical and Photobiologiocal Sciences dedicated to Jean-Pierre Desvergne Cliquez ici La Journée scientifique en l’honneur de Jean-Pierre Desvergne a eu lieu le Vendredi 1er Juin à 9h00, salle Agora Accès : (plan haute (...)

Addressable nano-materials

Keywords: Nano-fibers, low molecular weight organic gelator, photochromism, AFM, single object microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy In a bottom-up approach, we use self-assembly to combine functional organic building blocks in order to obtain nano-objects and nanostructured materials (...)

Molecular electronics

Keywords: Self-organization, electron and energy transfer, photovoltaic, molecular electronics The implementation of molecular recognition for the designed self-assembly of photo- and electro-active building blocks opens the way to smart organic, inorganic, and hybrid materials capable of (...)


La synthèse organique bordelaise à l’honneur !
18 December 2017

Stéphane Quideau est le lauréat 2017 du prix de la Division de (...)

Publication d’un article dans Nature Chemistry - Groupe COMEX
31 May

Des chercheurs du groupe COMEX ont mis en évidence le comportement (...)