Nanostructures Organiques (NEO)

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Group presentation

Our research deals with the development of new molecular and supramolecular architectures at the nanometric scale with a particular focus on molecular design & engineering, nanostructuration of organic compounds, photonics and catalysis.

Research activity

Projects : European, International, ANR, Labex, Regional, Industrial

Techniques and Instruments

Main Collaborations

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Group members (link to personal pages)

Dr Dario Bassani, Director of research (CNRS)
Dr Brigitte Bibal, Assistant Professor
Mrs Clotilde Davies, Technician
Dr André Del Guerzo, Professor
Dr Jean-Pierre Desvergne, Director of research (CNRS)
Mrs Pascale Godard, Technician
Mr Damien Jardel, Technician
Dr Dominique Lastécouères, Assistant Professor
Dr Nathan McClenaghan, Director of research (CNRS)
Prof. Jean-Luc Pozzo, Professor
Mr Guillaume Raffy, Technician
Dr Jean-Marc Vincent, Director of research (CNRS)

Students, Postdocs and Visitors

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Address & contact number

Address : ISM, Building A12, 1st floor EAST
Email :
Phone : + 33 5 40 00 89 42