Plateforme Fluidique pour la Synthèse, SynFluP

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The Synthesis Fluidic Platform “SynFluP”

is dedicated to

Organic Synthesis in Continuous Reactor

Located in the A11 building in the ORGA group, it provides a flexible access to many fluidic equipment from the micro devices (micromixers, microreactors) to the millifluidic systems (production up to kg/day).

The platform has been built gradually since 2008 and now has almost all technical capabilities associated with performing organic reactions in continuous reactors.

Contact  :

Mathieu Pucheault, groupe ORGA

Technical possibilities in continuous flow

-  Handling of unstable reagents
-  Ultra-fast reactions
-  Gas liquid reactions (H2, CO2, CO)
-  Liquid solid reactions (Heterogeneous Catalysis, supported reagents)
-  Reactions with slurries (Pd/C, NaBH4)
-  Reaction in supercritical CO2
-  Micro and Milli mixers
-  Photochemistry

Operational range

-  Temperature : -80°C to 250°C
-  Pressure : up to 220bar
-  Almost no solvent limitation.
-  Almost no reagent limitation (Acid, base, oxidant, reductant).

Description of equipment

Uniqsis FlowSyn Uniqsis

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FlowSyn combines all the benefits of the FlowSyn system to deliver a compact, fully integrated, easy-to-use continuous flow reactor for single reactions. FlowSyn’s high resolution user interface quickly guides you through the process for setting up a flow chemistry reaction with two reagents. Once set up, FlowSyn automatically runs the experiment unattended, ensuring that critical parameters remain within defined limits.The system can easily be reconfigured for a variety of experiments. Carry out superheated reactions up to +150°C and small scale cooled reactions down to -78°C

Vapourtec R4-R2+ unit Vapourtec

This unit provides the basic entities to preform reaction test with flexible HPLC pumps with ceramic heads inerted with PTFE and capable of handling strong acids such as HNO3. The coiled reactor is made in fluoropolymers and can be heated through the system from Room Temperature to 120°C, depending on required pressure. Additionally a module for heterogeneous reactions is available with columns of various capacities (from 7mL up to 50mL) able to work under the same temperature conditions. The pressure in the system is limited by the fittings at 30bar.

Vapourtec V-3 Easy Scholar Unit