Techniques and Instruments

Synthesis labs

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In our group, 6 laboratories are dedicated to synthesis. We have also HPLC setups, GC-MS, GC, irradiation setups, as well as access to the CESAMO platform in our building (NMR, MS, cristallography).


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Two absorption spectrometers and two fluorimeters are available, as well as time-correlated single photon counting, in the UV, vis and NIR spectral ranges.

Picosecond transient absorption and emission

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Transient absorption and emission can be measured in the picosecond, nanosecond and microsecond time ranges.

Fluorescence Microscopy and AFM

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Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy are combined in a versatile setup that allows imaging, micro-spectroscopy, time-resolved fluorescence, polarization microscopy, single molecule detection, FCS, and simultaneous measurements of AFM and fluorescence. The AFM can perform topography, force, magnetic and electric measurements and mapping.


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