IRM et Photonique Moléculaires (IPM)

Groupe IRM et Photonique Moléculaires

Group Leader : Jean-Baptiste VERLHAC

The IPM group consists of 2 teams :


-* Molecular photonics: Design and investigation of photo-active molecules, fluorescent dyes and NLO chromophores -* Confinement effects on optical and NLO properties -* Nanoparticles for bioimaging, theranostics and drug delivery

  • Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation techniques for highly sensitive MRI biomedical protocols
  • Methodological and instrumentation developments for molecular MRI

Research topics:

> Multiphotonics, Nanobiophotonics > Fluorescent dyes and sensors > Photo-active Nanoparticles > Pre-clinical and clinical MRI

Permanent Team Members

Imagerie et Photonique Moléculaire

L’équipe "Imagerie et Photonique Moléculaire" est animée par Mireille Blanchard-Desce. Membres permanents de l’équipe : Dr. Mireille BLANCHARD-DESCE, DR CNRS Guillaume CLERMONT, AI CNRS Jonathan DANIEL, IE CNRS Pr. Isabelle GOSSE, PR BORDEAUX INP Dr. Michel VAULTIER, DREm CNRS Pr. (...)

Molecular MRI team (Yannick Crémillieux)

The research activities of the team are focused on innovative methodological and instrumental developments for applications in the field of biomedical MRI : Dynamic Nuclear Polarization techniques for highly sensitive in vivo MRI protocols : hyperpolarization of Carbon-13 labelled metabolites (...)