Welcome to the Institute of Molecular Sciences

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The Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM) brings together a community of organic chemists and physical chemists interested in molecular structures, and working on their creation, synthesis, characterization, reactivity and analysis in various environments.
The ISM is a UMR CNRS/University of Bordeaux/Bordeaux INP Aquitaine dependent of the Regional Delegation Aquitaine (DR 15).

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> Our teams of researchers

Every day our teams of researchers are mobilizing. They are 9 :

Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry and Materials, Theoretical Chemistry, Comex, Molecular Nanoscience and Catalysis, Organic Nanostructures, Analytical Nano-Systems, Phoenics, Molecular Spectroscopy, Synthesis and Bioactive Molecules.


Conférence Pr Krishna Kumar (NEO)
27 September

Le Prof. Krishna Kumar (Tufts University, Boston) est l’invité du (...)

Conférence Pr. Frank Würthner (Centre de nanosciences - Université de Würtzburg) - Jeudi 29 septembre 2016 à 11h
29 September

Le professeur Frank Würthner (Centre de nanosciences - Université (...)